7 Quick Takes – Lent, Facebook, Politics, and Other Randomness

— 1 —

So.  Not yelling at the kids for a whole 40 days.  Here’s the thing:  I know (and knew when I started) that I can’t actually pull this off.  BUT.  I can improve.  So I would label the last several days a success. I have only raised my voice a few times, and generally brought it back down within a word or two.  But man, are my kids testing me.  We’ve had misbehavior at school, sibling squabbles at home, and the crazy hour between getting home and dinner where I’m just trying to get food on the table already, and the kids are trying to convince me to feed them every snack in sight. (Actually, looking back, this is pretty normal for us.  Huh.)  I haven’t seen an increase in good behavior in these few days, but I have felt like a much better mommy when dealing with the behavior I have seen.  All in all, I’m not doing too badly, I guess.

— 2 —

Except I think I should have given up Facebook for Lent.  Because it sends my blood pressure up, all the time now.  See, I have friends on every side of the religion/politics/whatever spectrum.  And so my feed is full of things like “If it weren’t for the gays and the illegals, America would be pretty ok!” and “Don’t let anyone convince you X is a good idea, it’s actually socialism!” and “Why are Christians/Republicans/Democrats/non-home-schoolers/fill-in-the-blank so dumb?”.

And I’m just… tired.  I feel like letting some of these things pass by in my feed without comment (especially the hateful ones) might lead others to think I believe the same way.  And yet commenting starts a Facebook war, and I hate dealing with that.

In my new quest to be authentic, I’ve tested the waters commenting on a few things, or posting (in an unrelated kind of way) a link to an article that kind of shares my views on the subject.  So far, I’ve started Facebook wars on the use of the term “illegal immigrant”, why churches should help the poor, and why supporting the end of all government programs for the poor while not providing any alternatives might not be the most Christian thing in the world.  I can see discussions on home schooling, purity culture, gay wedding cakes, and the term “social justice” on the horizon.

— 3 —

But.  I have also gotten a couple of (private) notes from people thanking me for taking a stand or posting articles, that it it nice to know someone out there believes similarly to what they do.  And that, my friend, is what will keep me going.  Because the goal doesn’t have to be to convince people I’m right, or to try to get haters to stop hating.  Maybe it’s just to reach out to people who are in the same places I am, and help us all feel like we’re not alone.

— 4 —

These posters of some of the weird things a dad has said to his kids really had me laughing.  Many, if not all of them, could easily have been said in my house (if I haven’t said them already).

— 5 —

I may try to do a whole post on this at some point in the future, but the Bullet Journal method has been rocking my world, organizationally.  I got a nice Moleskine, and started the middle of January… I’ve filled almost half the book!  I’ve had to adapt the system a little for my needs, but I love it.  Super helpful for keeping track of things at work, when I have multiple projects, and for keeping me focused without having a million notebooks/note cards/pieces of paper floating around to try to keep track of.

— 6 —

I am totally loving this site called IF:Equip.  It has a daily Bible reading, and a short (around three minute) video of two Christian women (bloggers!) discussing the passage and what it means to them.  They have an option where you can get the posts in email, and it is the best reminder to me to squeeze in some extra devotional time during the day (especially important if I missed my time in the morning, which happens all to often.

— 7 —

I am simultaneously looking forward to an extra hour of sunshine every day, and dreading losing an hour of already precious sleep this weekend.  I guess I can;t have one without the other, though.  Here’s hoping the kids adjust easily to the time change!

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