7 Quick Takes:

— 1 —

The Time Change has not been kind to us.  I have no idea how moving the clock forward one hour can cause os much havoc in our lives, but it seems it has…  DST coincided with Spring Break this year, so the kids have been out of routine as well, and getting up in the morning has been kind of an issue.  For me too!  So much caffeine has been consumed this week…

— 2 —

Including coffee, which I usually don’t drink every day.  BUT.  I found this new creamer – girl scout cookie flavored creamer.  Look for by the milk – it is AMAZING.  (I really like the coconut caramel one)

— 3 —

In all our schedule craziness and my caffeine consumption, I have still managed to tone down my yelling at the kids.  It’s happened a few times, but not nearly as badly as it was when I was not being intentional about it.  And with it being a doozie of a week, I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

— 4 —

My five-year-old got her first real love letter yesterday.  Handwritten by a boy in her class.  It was both adorable and terrifying.  I’m not sure I’m cut out the be the mommy of a girl.

— 5 —

I’m babysitting two girls from down the street tonight, and my kids are totally excited about it.  I told them we would eat pizza and maybe watch a movie. The youngest girl is in Benji’s class at school, and they have been begging to have a play date for weeks.  I think all the kids assume I planned this as a party to make them happy, when in reality it just lets their parents go out for dinner like grown-ups!  That’s fine – if it works out well, we can probably manage to trade off date nights or something.  Yay!

— 6 —

I am so excited about going to the IA Summit this month. They have a board game night! and yoga! and a 5k run!  and a happy hour hosted by Disney!  And it’s totally a work conference!  Six days away from my family will be good break – just long enough to make me really appreciate them when I get home.

— 7 —

Let’s just pretend I have a seventh take, mm’kay?

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