I have spent pretty much my entire life trying to appear normal, to make everyone on the outside think I am poised, polished, and on top of things.  To give the impression that I don’t hold any political or theological views contrary to teaching I grew up with, or that I had a perfect childhood.  To have people see what a great parent/wife/employee/person I am.

Slowly, over the last few years, I have realized that I’m tired. I’m tired of hiding all the ugly parts of my life. I’m tired of crafting this little tiny box, and then trying to make my life fit neatly into it with no edges poking out.

And thus, this blog was born:  One woman’s foray into being authentic and real about her life, her parenting skills, and her beliefs – without sanding off the rough edges first. (There will be a lot of rough edges).  (And maybe a few splinters).


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