Five Minute Friday: Crowd

Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday: Crowd


The press of the people around me.  The smell of so many different people, air that has seems like it has been breathed and re-breathed and I wonder if there is anything good left in it, anything sustaining left by the time I inhale it, exhale it.  I put my hand on Chad’s back, missing his ponytail that I used to hold like a lifeline, following him through the group, willing myself to not loose him.  I know it’s crazy, but I feel like I could drown in the crowd, like if I loose my grip on Chad I might never be found.  I constantly check to make sure the kids are with us – holding a hand, being carried, just somehow still in contact, not swept away be the crowds.  

And then we make it to a clearing, out of the way of all the people, and I can breathe.  Count noses, we’re all here.  Relief washes over me.  I wonder – is this how it felt for the Israelites to go through the desert and come out in the Promised Land? 


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Five Minute Friday: Willing

Five Minute FridayStart:

Willing.  I want to do so may things in my life – be more involved my my comminuty, make better friends, be a better parent, be more involved in everything good… and yet am I willing?  Willing to get up, to give up my time, my schedules, my plans, even my goals,  to be where God wants me to be and doing what he wants?  Am I willing to be outside my comfort zone?  To make my friends uncomfortable in the process?  To be That Girl?  I don’t know.  But I want to be, so, so desperately.

How do I find that willingness?  And how do I train it into my children so that it’s natural for them?  I need to continue seeking, striving, praying, trying to find the way – and to be open, willing to leave my nice warm bubble and BE… be outside, be light and salt, be where I should be and when I should be, and be open and willing to take new opportunities.  Just to BE willing.


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